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Eoin Seymour Construction Nenagh Ltd. provides clients with professional core drilling services.
Our core drilling service creates extremely accurate smooth holes that are up to 500mm in depth. Our professional equipment doesn’t create uncomfortable vibration or excessive dust.
We have successfully completed core drilling projects on airport runways that required recesses for lights. We’ve also drilled holes for vents and extractor fans.
Our core drilling service is available for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural clients.

core drilling

To have the experts take care of the core drilling on your property, get in contact with Eoin Seymour Construction Nenagh Ltd. today.

Our Core Drilling Service

Our core drilling equipment is able to drill through a range of different materials. Our modern machinery can cut through stone, masonry, reinforced concrete, granite, tiles and a range of other tough materials.
Core drilling is used for a variety of different applications including:

Drilling through structures to add metal strengthening bars

Drilling holes for core sampling test purposes

Vertical, Angle Grinding

Horizontal Angle Grinding

We have a range of core drilling equipment including diesel powered machinery capable of cutting through roads and concrete yards. We also have emission-free electrical powered equipment that’s suitable for inside core drilling .


For more information on the numerous applications of our core drilling, get in contact with Eoin Seymour Construction Nenagh Ltd. today.

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