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Located in North Tipperary Seymour Construction has gained a reputation as a leader in provision of Superior Quality Design and Construction for a wide Variety of Clients

Eoin Seymour Construction Nenagh Ltd.

Housing Projects – Concrete Cutting – Wall Sawing – Demolition – Core Drilling – Joint Sealing – Sand Blasting - Aqua Dustless Grit Blasting

Eoin Seymour Construction Nenagh Ltd. is one of Ireland’s most experienced concrete cutting, wall sawing, demolition, core drilling, joint sealing and sandblasting companies available in Ireland.
With 20 years of professional experience, our highly-trained team provide all our services to the very highest of professional standards.
Our personal service works closely with the customer and all our projects are supervised by our highly experienced management team.
We guarantee our customers: professionalism, peace of mind and an absolute commitment to quality. In our 2 decades of service, we’ve built a stellar reputation that's based on the quality of our service. We've become the concrete cutting company of choice for airports, commercial buildings, agricultural buildings and industrial buildings all across Ireland.


For more information on our range of professional services, get in contact with Eoin Seymour Construction Nenagh Ltd. today.

concrete cutting

Concrete Cutting

We provide clients with the very best in professional concrete cutting. We’re the company of choice for all of Ireland’s major airports and large-scale industrial farms.

wall sawing

Wall Sawing

Eoin Seymour Construction Nenagh Ltd. provides clients with the very highest standards of wall sawing. We effectively and professionally remove parts of a wall to facilitate a safe demolition.

demolition services


Our team bring 20 years of experience to every demolition project we undertake. Our team help with building renovations that require the removal of a solid wall.

core drilling

Core Drilling

To facilitate the effectively laying of wiring or pipework, we provide our clients with a professional core drilling service that’s tailored to the needs of the client’s property.

joint sealing

Joint Sealing

We have worked extensively with airports, that required our professional runway joint sealing.  We use 2-point fuel resistant sealant that's extremely tough and durable.

sand blasting

Sand Blasting

Our professional sandblasting service removes everything from a solid surface, restoring the original finish to stonework and metal surfaces.

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